Monday, February 4, 2013

A Crux of Creative Chaos

   Doc presses his nose against the kitchen window wishing I would pass him an apple as a woodpecker hammers a tree in the distance. Yogurt is culturing on the stove and the sewing machine is moving at a steady hum. All the while my mind churns and turns with creative chaos.
   Have you ever been there? Where your brain seems stricken with idea after idea..images flash like a slide show..and where is my notebook when I need it? Even in my sleep my mind dreams of little motifs and a perfect layout for those new blocks I tried. Members of my family laugh when they catch me in a quizzical daze...need a pencil?

   The bad thing is, organizing the chaos. Ideas flow and grow....a pencil hurries to scratch out the details..but what happens next? A page is turned and another day passes. In reality these ideas will most likely never leave the only here on paper as sketches and notes. Creative chaos is quite difficult to get together.
    So, what's running rapid laps around my mind? Seeds, soil, pinwheels, and prairie dolls...soaps and scents with labels and raffia. Herbal designs with shadow quilted 'recipes' and a race car fabric 'trip around the world' quilt top edge to edge with loop-dy loops backed with checkered flags---John Deer fabric whole cloth quilted with the image of my favorite wind mill..cross hatch and tractors in the corners..or sheaves of wheat. A seating area under the pines where I can sketch or write during the early mornings..maybe expanding the green house to accommodate plant orders. See what I mean..aagh.
    My pencil rests there on the crowded paper; a deep breath comes as my eyes close. Time for a trip to the barn. There coffee is sipped as goats nuzzle and hens scratch near my feet. A turkey flaps his mighty wings and ambles over to see me. For a moment my mind is calm..relaxed even, here in this comforting place. Until...a barn with hens at the corner of a milk can...a quilt with.goats peeking through the door while a donkey munches nearby..corn in rows beneath sunlight...where is my pencil when I need it, 'cuz here we go again! 


Michelle said...

Sounds like the way my brain thinks. My mind is always going even while a sleep.I dream every night.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Painfully true:)