Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Arrivals Today

   Stormy rumbles joined bellows from a hungry herd this morning. Today's weather had the whole barn in a worried frenzy, but stormy weather wasn't the only thing to arrive at the home stead today. New broiler chicks are now tucked warmly in their brooders..lots of peeping and pooping going on in there.
    Their arrival brings with it the necessary task of mothering and hovering; I tend to worry over their well being, at least for the first few days. At my presence in their warm home they tend to chirp and stare quite unsure of my intentions. I love their quizzical curiosity and dainty little skittering.
    Another arrival today- the last day of my classroom requirements. This evening was committed to hunkering down and finishing the final test for the course. I can proudly say that amidst a shotgun practice, new chicks, dishes and a very sick teen I managed to complete the long, long test. On the the in garden training next week ( I am so ready for that).
    Now on to a weekend wedding and some greenhouse seeding...and plenty of visits to the brooder to smoosh on my new babies. Everything on this little farm is loved endlessly and spoiled rotten!


Dicky Bird said...

Good job on the studying and moving on to the next training. Peeping and pooping...funny, but what a day to come. Have a fun weekend spoiling. Blessings from Wisconsin.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thanks. Hope you are keeping warm up there in Wisconsin.

Mrs. Farmer said...

We'll be getting our new chicks before long- I'm pretty excited about it! We haven't had "peeps" in a few years, and I almost forgot how fun (if sometimes nerve-wracking) it can be!