Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Gardening: Cabbage

   The first sunny days of 'winter' always stir my garden vibes drawing me to the greenhouse where soil and sun feel so good on my skin. A welcome friend to the early garden has to be the cabbage. My grandmothers planted row after row of hearty heads that became their tasty slaw and crock brined kraut. In our southern garden getting the cabbage in before the heat hits is quite a challenge, but for a gardener who can't wait to get a jump on planting..cabbage is a treasured friend.
    I set my seeds in greenhouse trays as soon as the urge to plant hits me..early January finds me with dirt under my nails even if there is a scarf around my neck. Plants are hardened off and go into the soil when their true leaves are clustering and stems are showing strong. Row upon row make their home in my garden in anticipation of summer slaws and a few crocks of kraut.

   The bare facts:

Start seeds indoors January 1-31.
Plants can go into the soil 18 inches apart when they have hardened off.
Common southern varieties:
Jersey Wakefield
Early Flat leaf Dutch
   **note-I set my transplants under floating row covers for protection from hungry pests and spring frosts

    My personal seed resource favorites are Producer's Co-op, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange,
                 ** due to new GMO information, I no longer use Territorial Seed.

   Tender transplants are stretching their roots in the early garden holding the promise of days spent cleaning the heads and working the brine. My crock waits patiently in the kitchen corner. Have a beautiful weekend. Let's slip into some overalls and get growing!
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Michelle said...

Your cabbage looks great. I need to get mine in the ground.

Simply Scaife Family said...

I is often planted here a bit before it should, but more often than not it pays off doing so. Happy gardening.