Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Was He Thinking?

   Some days just make you question humanity; I had one of those days. You know the kind..when someone crossed you path making you realize that more and more common sense has become a super power and boundaries no longer exist. The events of this past Saturday have left me scratching my head and rethinking some of my daily habits.
    My guys were heading out to run an errand while I worked the rows in our back garden located at the rear of our property. Critters were grazing while Hadassah kept me company; beautiful weather and a lot to do. Looking up from my work Doc caught my eye- he was running along the fence. It took me a moment to realize he was on the wrong side of the fence and someone was chasing him. Can you say panic?
    Bolting into action I grabbed a rope, crop and scoop of feed on my way down the lane only to realize the gate was wide open..latched wide open. Coming to the road a man met me there, a woman with him, who proceeded to tell me my donkey was out. I turned to face a neighbor I am familiar with asking if the gate had been left open when the guys left--no, it was shut. Did Doc jump the fence? No..he didn't. Okay? The man I don't know said I opened it. Excuse me? What? Why? From here it only gets weirder.
     Repeating the same response and telling me my donkey was going to hurt someone solves nothing... neither does chasing a spooked beast. As my dangerous animal munched weeds nearby the man and his female friend just wouldn't tell me why he opened my gate which, he admitted, was shut. Nor did he help get him in. Another neighbor decided to be a thorn in the situation, bringing her children outside to watch and threaten calling animal control. Well, go ahead sweetie..last time I tried it took them three days.
     In the end, my guys returned...neighbors receded to their homes... Doc was calmed and brought home. No idiots were harmed... though in my mind, I harmed them three times. Strangely enough, the man who opened the gate was not to be found when my guys returned, but has been spotted in a neighboring house several times now..we are unsure if he is staying there. As for Doc, he hasn't calmed down yet and it quite skid-dish..therefore being kept close to the stall for now.
     We may never know what the intent was or why on earth someone would go to a stranger's gate and open it especially when livestock are running around in it. I am lucky the goats didn't follow him and that no one was harmed. Only days later do I realize the potential of confronting the situation alone... and that has be looking carefully at several things i.e. a phone upgrade so this could have been recorded, carrying my stun gun when working outside home alone, locking the gate with a lock. In the end I am ever grateful God was in control and the situation ended peacefully and without further drama. Be careful, friends, because people are crazy and you just never know what they're thinking.


Missy said...

Wow! People never cease to amaze me. So glad everything turned out okay.

Simply Jen said...

Me too, thank you!

Kathleen said...

What a bizzare thing to have happen! I certainly hope that you don't have further problems. I think I would go for the lock on the gate! Glad you are okay and your animals also.