Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gardening with a Wild Side

   The rumors are true, I admit, when it comes to gardening I tend to lean toward strange extremes. When at my Master Gardener's classes, prayer and deep breathing help me reign it in and it is generally under control when I help with garden layout or design. Here on the homestead my weird and wild notions are left unchecked. My poor family...
   Today's peek at my 'gardening on the wild side' reveals intentional unruly patches of garden. Here in lies the areas where the natural bend of the soil and environment are left to themselves producing as they will. These 'wild wonders' reside along the fence nature several feet of room to roam. So, why on earth do I do this when other gardeners would absolutely faint over it?
   Reason number one: my critters. These patches of crazy growing goodness are treasured resources for my flocks and herds. Daily salads are gleaned from here to supplement their pastures, especially when they are heavily grazed. On occasion I have been know to tie out a young buck to mow down a patch or even set a kennel over an area for hens or does with kids. Over the many years of this madness, it has worked well for me, so I just keep doing it.
   Reason number two: wildlife. Let it be known Mrs. McGregor has nothing on me. My garden is for us not those pesky rabbits, yet, I am not without a heart. The outer borders of my garden often show signs of their nibbly visits. No, it doesn't exactly keep them out of the main garden, but it doesn't hurt either.
   Reason number three: Wild edibles. Okay,, we aren't starving. This year I have taken it upon myself to learn weed identification and learn what is edible, what isn't and why. The outer wild growth allows excellent reference and identification areas.
   There you have it. One of my dirty little secrets..I garden on the wild side (or with wild on the side..ha ha). So as you ponder your plot considering all the possibilities of your good earth, are you considering 'native growth' borders? Share your odd gardening habits..if you will.

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Dolly Sarrio said...

I like the idea and just may copy you.