Friday, March 29, 2013

As I Ponder ...

Passion Jesus gets some help 

   Year after year our family has read and pondered the elements of Christ's passion..that final week before His crucifixion. Each time a different part stands out to me bringing me to a place of wonder. This year, for whatever reason, Simon of Cyrene keeps running through my mind. Such an obscure individual, yet so important he is mentioned by name in the Scriptures. 
   Very little is said of this man who carried the cross of Christ. Being that it was Passover, we often assume he was a Jew and there for observance, but we really do not know. I find this curious. Why? Why this man? Did he have a choice? Did he even know the significance of his actions? Was he a believer in this Savior? We just don't know.
    Another question that carries in my does this apply to me? I won't be heading to church and end up carrying Jesus' cross. Would I have? Such things make me dig deep within the dark somewhat ugliness of my own being and question what I find there. Sometimes these things make us truly see ourselves. It's a scary thing.
    My questions unanswered. The curious wonder continues. This man, this event, this unusual act. Who knows where such wonder will lead me.