Thursday, April 18, 2013

In Spite of It All

   The sum of ordinary days finds us on our knees. Prayers these days are simply unintelligible groans. In the midst of cold, cloudy drizzle I decided to stroll around the farm, breath in the moist air, and look for something to lighten my heart. Found it. A beautiful sun blush rose blossom- blooming in spite of it all.

In spite of:
* tragedy in every news report
* a schedule that just won't settle down
* the pre-graduation crazy
* ucky weather dull, dreary and cold
* difficult issues beyond our control

   It puzzled me. Can we bloom in spite of it all? The past few weeks have brought some difficult, even distressing, situations to my door. Situations that needed compassion, carefully thought out words, and some needed tough love and guidance. Can they bloom?

In spite of:
* every bad thing we cannot change
* tears that cannot be stopped
* that 'spinning your wheels going no where' feeling
* the deep need for a 'revelation'..a sense of direction

  Yes, they can. We can. Choices are made by all and the consequences are felt by many. This week devastating choices shake us to the very core of our being. Tragedy and gloom seems ready to overtake us. In the midst of the darkness is a glimmer of light. We are all sinners..some saved by grace through our Lord Jesus Christ..some yet to make that decision.  When God is your can spite of it all. Take time with me today to look for the blossoms of hope in the midst of such dark times. If we look, we will find them.


Michelle said...

I always remind myself, That this to shall pass. What ever I am walking thru I know God is there. Maybe that's why Footprints in the sand is my favorite poem. After the troubled time has past I find I have learned a lesson or strengthened my faith.

Dolly Sarrio said...

You just inspired me to bloom. Mama is so sick, I know it is all in God's hands and have to constantly remind myself of that. Also not to feel gloom and doom all day long. Michele Thank you for this wonderful post.