Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Join Us Welcoming...

    Welcome, Zaida..newest member of our little herd. An Alpine/Nubian cross, Zaida has joined us to bring milk and measure to the stalls. Towering head and shoulders above the other members of the barn yard, she is making her place here.
     While her size and breed were what we had in mind, she has arrived with some challenges. It seems, while she loves our company and will follow on my heels as I stroll the pasture, she is much less pleasant on the milk stand..and has dropped productions since her arrival. Prone to bawling and fussy eating, she and I  have been at odds with each other.
      All is not lost..I am not one to give up on a challenge. Though displeased with the situation of her purchase, we have decided to work with what we have and be all the wiser for it. Today was a better day as far as her manners were concerned..even her eating picked up some. Visiting the stalls at sunset, she stood on the fence rubbing her head on my hand sharing nibbly kisses on my cheek. Maybe. just maybe, she is settling.
     Either way, we welcome our newest challenge and blessing.."Zaida Gray".