Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Down and Why

    Finding time to quilt during the rush of spring is quite a challenge, yet I managed to complete the quilting on Block Baby Blue today. This time of year most of my quilting is done in small spurts either right after breakfast or right after dinner. With the added push of Master Gardener training, finding time at the frame was even harder.
    This small quilt holds the wave and wonder of wonderful blues, just right for a precocious baby boy. Inspired by my own boy's love of tumbling blocks, the squares are set on end and surrounded by the sawtooth triangles. Machine quilted for strength and durability, this little quilt can be washed again and again as baby demands.
     Why? Okay, as this quilt has been shared through it's journey the question has come about why machine quilt it, you are a hand quilter? True, I am a hand quilter who much prefers the look, feel, and process of hand quilting over machine work. When I design or make a quilt for someone specific I try to keep that person's lifestyle and interests in mind throughout the process. To me, knowing her as I do, it didn't seem right or fair to give gift that didn't fit her needs or lifestyle.
      Hand quilting is a fading art. Our society of convenience and hurried activity rarely has time to hand wash and air dry. Most of my quilt work is done by hand, but with more and more clients requesting machine work it seems if I want to meed demand I have to be able to supply. Does it sadden me? Yes. For that very reason I still spend countless hours at the frame hand quilting quilts.
      Hopefully this weekend will find me binding and finishing Block Baby Blue and moving on to a few friendship quilts I have planned...that is, if I can stay out of the garden and barn long enough!

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