Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a Chat

    Good afternoon, and how are you? Hot coffee or iced mint tea? Come sit and join me, won't you? In the whirlwind of such busyness I though we would just sit and have a chat. The last several weeks have seen fits of rain and an occasional thunderstorm, though today found us at 82 degrees. Can you believe it? Muggy and uncomfortable mosquito weather..that's what 82 is.

    It seems like month after month I ponder the flurry of days and hope the next month will be calmer; that hasn't happened yet. From Master Gardener classes, to internship..spring kidding and the rush of planting..its seems no end in sight. One activity passes and three more take its place; busy is what we are..plain busy.

     May brings with it the promise of summer; one daughter's birthday and another's graduation. Menus are written, invitations are sent..a few gatherings will happen here on the little homestead. Before the company arrives we hope to have some decluttering done near the barn and the stepping stone porch complete in the herb garden; we'll see about that.

     Quilting has been quite a challenge to work at..so many pressing issues outside. Warmer weather does give me time at middle of day to sit by a fan and work some stitches in. The Janome and I are becoming more familiar with each other churning out baby quilts for summer little ones. My poor hand quilting frame has been a bit neglected..the jungle baby quilt may never get finished.
      In the fury of such busy things we all must take the time to stop and ponder the coming and going of things. After all, my second child will leave the house soon and my youngest is starting to stretch his wings a bit. Part of my busyness is keeping my mind from aching over it. They were tots at my heels now they are teens with wheels. Can you believe I am the mother of a twenty year old?

      A blessing in it all..afternoons alone..just my husband and me. Time to reacquaint and find ourselves again. In the garden, in the barn, even the coop has been a place we chat and work side by side..something we don't often do. He even helped in my last quilt design..how wonderfully strange that was. A cup of coffee on the bench as we share ideas and plans..that has been a true gift in these busy days.

     Time gets away from me..I could truly visit with you all afternoon, but the goats are bellowing to be milked and no doubt Doc will call for me soon as well. It was such a nice little visit, don't you think. Maybe we can do this again sometime. 


Michelle said...

Thanks for the coffee and chat. It was a nice break from my day.

Dolly Sarrio said...

I sure enjoyed our coffee and chat too. You have a beautiful family. This was fun we have to do it again don't we...Hi other Michelle too. Good post Michele.

Simply Scaife Family said...

I enjoyed our visit, too!