Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Few Surprises

    Surprises. They can be wonderful, dreadful things. A surprise can brighten your day- like finding a ladybug in the garden while you pull weeds, or catching a new blossom opening on a pink tipped yellow rose. Today we found a nesting hen with a few sweet little ones just hatched..and a few still working their way out. Our farm boy was so excited when he called me out to see. (I was expecting a snake- his typical surprise)
    Then there are surprises for which there is no proper response. Those times when the revealing of a secret cause you to stop, shake your head, take a deep breath..contemplate your words, begin to speak..think better of it all and just walk away. Yes, that kind of surprise. Nope, not acknowledging it..not talking about it. We have not gone there. Let me just say..there have been a few surprises..and that is a gross understatement!


Dolly Sarrio said...

Good surprise finding the hen and chicks. Now you have me curious as to the other..

Michelle said...

The chicks were a nice surprise. As for the other one. I have had several of them. Where I shake my head and walk away.