Monday, May 6, 2013

The Need for A Dairy Day

    Can you believe it is May? May. Fifth month of the year- already. I had hoped the rush of spring would find me a little more 'together' with things. It didn't. Already it's May and still I suffer organizational dysfunction. Could it be the aging process? The reality of my age- maybe the fact my kids are growing up and leaving me? Who knows.

    In an effort to 'get things done', I am testing my Mondays for becoming my 'dairy days'..the day to work on all the dairy-based chores needing my attention. For example: the milk sanction was given a good scrub down with a mild bleach solution; all items cleaned well and aired in the sunshine. Since the area is swept daily, declutter was in order: this and that's were moved or relocated to ease the flow of activity.
    Another important part of dairy day trial is cheese making- oh, my favorite part. A little heat, a little culture, some time and patience..voila! Cheese! It always amazes me when those simple components wonderfully transform into tasty cheese. My goal is to make a few batches of fresh cheese or soap each week keeping my milk supply in good use. This week Chevre was made and flavored with garlic, chilies, and other delicious flavors. I hope to make several batches of goat milk soap next Monday- maybe a chocolate version..and a lovely lemon?
     My test run for a 'dairy day' seems to have payed off with very good results. Tonight's supper was wonderfully enhanced by spicy home made cheese and the satisfaction of knowing the work well done.

*** For information on home cheese making, feel free to visit a few of my resources:

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Dicky Bird said...

I've never made cheese or soap. Good job. Blessings from Wisconsin.