Monday, June 3, 2013

Such a Simple Thing

    I have a fascination with sunflowers..and no idea why. Every year my garden is graced with row upon row of these majestic beauties. As the season progresses, I look for their mighty heads peaking over the top of all the other plants; even the corn cannot surpass them. Joy comes as their petals unfurl revealing massive seed heads bursting with life.
    In addition to their beauty, another gift is found. Hearty seeds nourish the wild birds visiting our home. They flit and flutter about the flower nibbling at their wares. Once their season ends, heavy seed heads make their way to the hen house offering treats to the hard working flock. The stalks end up in our donkey's pasture; Doc loves the woody green fibers.
    With the arrival of summer's blaring heat comes the beauty and wonder of the mighty sunflower.. bringer of birds and bees, of beauty and blessing...of my feeble fascination with such a simple thing.

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Dicky Bird said...

I feel the exact same way about sunflowers. I love the Mammoth ones and save the heads to give the winter birds a treat. Blessings from Wisconsin.