Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Has Come and Gone

    Can you believe it? June has come and gone. Summer crops bloomed and produced at their peak, keeping the canner hissing as we filled the shelves with its bounty. Milk production was top notch giving us plenty of tasty cheese and yogurt to keep our fridge full. There seemed an endless supply of fresh eggs and noisy hens to keep us searching and seeking their newest nest locations.

     As we say goodbye to June, we welcome in summer days by the water. Pool side or lakeside, we swim our laps and cast our lines soaking up rays of golden sun. This year our boat finally made its way to the water as we trolled and paddled about.
     With June passing us by, gardens will go to seed and harvest will lag a bit. Mid-summer heat will shift every one into a slower mode: less milk, less eggs..less canning to be done. Large portions of the gardens will rest in dormant slumber piled with compost, waiting for temps to shift and planting to once again begin.
      Now that June is gone, we will soak up the last few days of summer break and plan for the upcoming school session. For the first time, we will have only one student at home. It seems so strange to write plans for one; can't remember the last time I did that. Yes, the end of June brings changes..another one of our teens moves off to college and I move on to a new beginning.
        The end of June brings the beginning of July and the start of new directions. I will leave the farm part time serving our schools and county extension in a grant project intended to bring agricultural, physical and nutritional education back to our classrooms in hope of improving behavior, attention span, and well being.  June and all its activities may have come and gone, however, July is here with new adventures to be had.

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