Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lifelong Plague of a Short Girl

   Here in the lower atmosphere dwells the few, the overlooked, the neglected short girl. Forgotten by the makers of cars, restaurant booths, and fashion designers, we short girls struggle to make it in the 'amazon' woman's domain. Truth be told, I drive with my tip toes..always have. Actually that's not true, my early years of driving found me with a phone book behind my back and blocks tied to the petals. Yes, it was the best kept secret in high school. In my forties, I can swing my feet in nearly any chair I sit in. I am that adult in a restaurant dangling her feet wishing she had a Sears and Roebuck's catalog.
   Is this a rant? No. A gross complaint against humanity? Not really. It is a shout out to all in the lower trenches with me. Ladies under the five-two mark, you are not alone. Smile with me..we reached perfection sooner than others and stayed 'just right'. Giggle at the reality that we are 'fun size'; perfect complements to our taller mates. Groan as you face the start notion you will pass it on to at least one of your children. Sorry, Jen, you got it from me:)
   Off to finish the hem in five new pair of pants..some I cut more than five inches from! Can you believe it? 

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