Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morning Dawns

    The faint light of morning sun filters through the window as Doc's loud bellow can be heard from his stall. My alarm sounds causing my feet to hit the floor and my mind to ponder- how does he know to holler right before the alarm rings? His racket starts a chorus of noise as goat, guineas, and chickens join in.

     Coffee perks as the farm boy and I head out. He rations out feed as I set to milking. Hadassah follows him, but the barn cats follow me; bits of creamy foam are too tempting to miss. These peaceful moments at the milk stand give me pause to breath in the beauty of this life..the scent of mixed grains as Zaida crunches and paws, the furry old cat at my feet sure in her self as she waits her morning treat..hens squawk and cluck when feed arrives in their tray. Here I know who I am and what my place is.

      The farm boy and I meet inside; a breakfast of hearty eggs and fresh fruit are welcome starts to the day. We share coffee, listen to scripture study, and read the day's news. Unlike his sisters, he is quiet and deep thinking. A comment here, a phrase there..that's all we need as we go over the plans for the day. Soon I will head to the office while he tends the farm before heading to the gym when his dad wakes.

       Driving through the silver gate, the farm boy closes it behind me. I head off to places less sure; less secure than this one. Each new day brings with it demands, yet, this sure and steady start brings with it strength and grace to face whatever will come. 


Michelle said...

Sounds like a small slice of heaven. My morning don't start out that calm . But end quitely with a good book and a kitty curled up beside me.

Dolly Sarrio said...

Michele, you are such a good writer. I feel as if I was with you all. It is a great thing this peaceful time this place you call home...Love it.