Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gourds, Gourds, Gourds

      What can I say about gourds? Over the years attempts have been made to grow these decorative crops, yet, most of those efforts failed miserably. It seems a humid climate makes it quite tricky. You see, gourds need to dry on the vine after a nice hot growing cycle. Texas provides the heat and a perfect growing cycle, but just when the gourds need to dry off and harden we get a deluge. Rotting is the final outcome. 
       Every once in a while southern nature gives us a break, offering a season just right for pretty little gourds. This year was looking like one of those years, but we just had two days of wet. The rain was desperately needed, so I won't complain, but the gourds might. 

        I have dried some and made bird houses with them. The last one broke this year after the branch it hung on fell. No one can say whether the gourds growing this season will make it. We generally leave the gourds until the vine has died away and the outer skin has browned. Every time I tried to pick them early and dry them they have molded horribly. 
        Today, I walk through the garden and marvel at the range of funny shapes and sizes- farm boy planted so many unique gourds this year. Maybe we will get a few from the massive tangle of vines; who knows. Are you a gourd grower? Share your experience with us.


Anonymous said...

I am no gourd grower, that's certain. I didn't get those family genes. lol! My aunt and uncle own one of the top gourd farms in the United States. Their gourds have been in movies and Anthropologie stores. Gourds and gourd art are amazing!


Anonymous said...

Meant to add that I enjoyed your post, Michele.


Dicky Bird said...

I have tried to grow those gourds in your first picture - "apple gourd" without success. Up here the little ones have enough time to grow. I've picked them early too just to have them get moldy like you said. I hope you have a bumper crop! Blessings from Ringle, WI.

Sarah Adams said...

This is my first year to grow gourds. So far the vines are lush and beautiful and little gourds have popped up everywhere. We have had our share of wet weather, so we shall see.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Andrea, that is amazing!
Dicky Bird, I hope ours make it, too. Mold is way to common here where I am.
Sarah, I hope yours make it. It just kills me when they ruin after growing so beautifully.

Michelle said...

I don't grow gourds, but would love to see what you do with them.