Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time for a Wok?

    This year is the year I once again delve into the world of the wok. The arrival of a shiny new stainless steal beauty has awakened my interest in slice and saute. Tonight the test run was rather simple and somewhat dull; broccoli and carrots. Don't judge- we have to start somewhere.
     So why a wok? The answer is simply- health. Using a wok decreases the cook time and amount of oil needed- not to mention boosts that veggie intake. Now, the down side of wok cooking can be the desire to 'sauce it up' with thickened asian sauces. That would defeat my purpose for wanting one!
     What have we wok'ed so far? Just veggies. The basic run down is: a hot wok, drizzle of oil to which I added a clove of garlic, slice of ginger and a small chili. Once those spices release their oils I pulled them out and tossed in beautiful rainbow veggies; the thinner the slice, the faster the cook. From here a toss of balsamic and a few slivered almonds- voila! Veggie side dish; low cal and quick, quick, quick.
     What's next? The plan is to 'wok a week' testing new tastes and combinations adapting traditional recipes to the flex-recipe setting while keeping the meals nutritious and colorful. So, wonderful friends....What do you say? Shall we wok?

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