Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zaida's Day

Follow our herd queen though a typical day on the family homestead.

    Morning dawns bright and warm as the sun rises over the homestead. Zaida waits at the stall gate; milking time is soon.
    On the stand, Zaida, enjoys a hearty breakfast with oats and grains; a great start to the day. A friendly barn cat keeps her company as she crunches and munches. Good milking is rewarded with a nice rub down and a handful of raisins.

     Morning chores complete, Zaida leads the herd to the grazing pasture for an afternoon of nibbling and napping. Yearlings and youngsters follow at her heals, their mammas close behind, seeking out tender greens and choice leaves. Doc keeps watch nearby; he's always ready to call alert to a stranger on the grounds.

      Day burns hot as Zaida seeks relief in the shade of an oak tree. The earth cools her tummy as she rests; the others join her there. They enjoy gentle conversation; mumbles and bleats only they understand.
       Sometimes a special treat comes her way. Zaida loves the sight of the big yellow wagon bringing snippettes and clippings from the garden beds. Today it holds hearty kale and tasty carrot tops; perfect for a late day snack.
       The sun shifts to a softer place in the sky as evening chores start. Once again, Zaida climbs the stand offering hearty milk and cream. The barn kitty waits for a sample of frothy foam while Zaida enjoys her raisins and rubs.
        Darkness falls as Zaida nestles down in the stall. Babies bleat nearby while a rooster calls everyone to roost. Satisfied and at peace, she lowers her head and closes her eyes catching much needed sleep before another day dawns.