Monday, September 16, 2013

Is It Worth It?

    The past few weeks found me in attendance of several meetings revolving around fitness and health education. Information and resources abound; grants are readily available; we are not without assistance or education where the matter of our health is concerned. Yet with all this the reoccurring dark cloud that seemed to enter every conference room was the question- is it worth it? 
     Is it worth the effort and energy to plan events, strategically educate, and make resources available? After all, no one is willing. This statement irked me to the very core. I have always been one who believed our efforts were worth it if even one was reached. Our time is never wasted even if we only help one person to change. The problem is, at least one person has to want to change, and the workers have to be willing.
     Reality hits hard when we see the over sensitive response to the question of our health and the habits that promote it or deter it. Often our best efforts are met with stern resistance, but does that me we never try? After all, we are responsible for the knowledge and resources we are blessed with- and they have a choice.
     In the end no answer has been found. Meetings are held, opportunities exist, and resistance does happen. No resolution to the question comes. We leave and go our separate ways unsure what the next meeting will hold, or even if this meeting was truly productive. The struggle continues and most likely will remain. Once home I find myself in the detox position- flat out on the floor frustrated and saddened by the whole mess.
     So I pose this question to the issue of health/fitness education regarding all ages, ethnicity and socioeconomic it worth it?


Aunt Sue said...

This is an issue here, too. Most required phys-ed has been dropped from Canadian schools, but now they are wondering if it should be brought back in. Phys-ed does more than improve health, too. Teaching group sports teaches children so many values they need to develop.

Becky said...

Educating people about health and fitness is always a good thing. Yes, you'll most likely reach very few people because everyone has to get to that place where they are committed to their own health on their own. Sometimes it takes a health issue of their own, or another family member, and sometimes something someone else says or does allows a light bulb to come on over that person's head. You'll never know how many people you do ultimately influence because sometimes the thought just has to have time to bloom within the person. Keep up the good work. Even if you don't see much, if anything good coming from it. Just as with our Christian walk, it's not our responsilbility to reap the harvest (make someone change their life/mind), but it is our responsibility to plant the seeds.