Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blurred Lines

     Returning to work brought me face to face with a reality: most employers expect us to leave our personal lives and worldviews at the door when we enter the work place. Most also warn us to be cautious in our political activities. As recognizable personalities, our personal life may blur with our professional life. This often leaves us in a quandary: how do we stand for our convictions without reflecting them onto our employers? Do we simply stop our personal community stands/outreaches out of courtesy for our professions or do we risk the possibility of blurred lines?
     This weekend brought to light the question of blurred lines. Why do we require such staunch sacrifices from employees? Aren't those convictions the very things molding us into the hard working individuals hired by your company? As long as we are not in uniform there shouldn't be any issue, yet the problem lies in our recognizable character. Yet, if we are easily recognized, does that require us to be more discreet?
      Once we accept the boundaries, decide to try separating our two lives, then we must consider- what if the lines blur. What if some one recognizes me as an employee of said company while I am attending the Life Chain- what if they are offended and raise issue? Is the stand I am personally taking worth the professional risk that could potentially face? Should this even be an issue?
       While it may seem I am reaching, this is a reality employees face. We commit to our families, our communities, and then to our employers..only to realize we are not to blur the lines; distinction is expected and could be enforced. My question is- why? Our character is formed by the convictions we hold. That character is what led you to hire us. As long as we do not impress the company name on our activities shouldn't we be free to live our private lives as we are burdened to do.
        Let me say, I have not faced any issue for my activities- I am simply pondering the reality we face as employees. What do you do when situations arrive that blur the lines?
        As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord- without hesitation- without reservation.

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