Thursday, October 3, 2013

Doc's Little 'Love Notes"

     Every day this week I have been off the property and in the field doing work with some local schools. My arrival home is often greeted by a very 'needy' baby who's bellows shake the windows. Even though I haven't been home to see his antics, each day he has left me plenty of little 'love notes' to show me he has been here.

1. Piles of 'Doc apples' right beside my garden gate.
2. The Coke can tub has been overturned.
3. One corner of the corn field fence is pushed down.
4. Any and every piece of cardboard he can find is shredded and strewn at the back door.

     Four days off the place- four interesting gifts left for me to find. As if him running toward my vehicle, pushing himself as far into the door as physically possible, and hollering in my ear while rubbing his slobbery lips on me isn't enough. I guess it is just nice to be so missed. Did I mention he has discovered how to open the back door?
    Crazy donkey of mine!

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Dicky Bird said...

Crazy...gotta love it.