Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Soothing Afternoon Rain

     Dark clouds moved in covering the sky as I drove home from a busy morning. Those clouds offered heavy rains that arrived moments after I passed through my back door. A deep breathe, a warm cup, it's time for a rest during a soothing afternoon rain.  
     The farm boy and I touched base, sharing bits and pieces of our day; homework questions, how the gym class went, my morning with 3rd graders. Drip drops cycled from soft hums to heavy drums as we sipped hot tea and read the day's news and shared our thoughts. Those calming moments quickly found us cat-napping in our chairs, after all, it was a very soothing rain.
      Days like this remind me the importance of rest; that unwind we often overlook. Life is full of lists and responsibilities that pull us in various directions. Sometimes it takes a rainy afternoon to force us into a place of calm respite restoring our system and allowing our busy minds to just stop.
      Chores found us sloshing through puddles as little droplets fell from overhead leaves; the scent of wet gardens welcomed our senses. A slow day ended with a great workout, a hearty meal, and the blessed feeling of restoration and peace. Tomorrow may be clear, but today, we are grateful for the gift of this soothing afternoon rain.

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