Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homesteading: Let's Introduce

     Homesteading seems to be on the rise with interest shown from all age groups. Working with extension services gives me the opportunity to hear some of the questions and concerns people are seeking in and around my community. This is amplified by the online media presence of homesteads, gardeners, and even the prepper groups.
      With all the information currently available, I hesitate to broach the subject. After all, what makes me an expert; nothing. I am not expert, therefore I will not claim to be. My background is family farming, education and the combination of the two. The goal of my family has always been to be as self reliant as possible, not dependent on corporate business.
       Those things in mind, let us travel a simple path to some simple basics we have found useful to our family's homestead life. Subjects will include the garden, meat/protein production, our dairy, pantry and continued education path. Many of you will find this simple. Some will have much greater experience or insight. I welcome sharing, linking, and an all out glean and gather. Conversation is more than welcome; it is encouraged.
       So, join me if you will for a tour of our path from the humble start of a small kitchen garden to the creative and crazy theme gardens. Let's walk the barn stalls and find out the ups and downs of some herd choices and why we have what we do now. Stand in the kitchen with me as we stir jams, can soup, and talk about storing provisions and how they have been used. Sit by the fire as we consider mending, making, and stitching in the calm of the evening.
        Welcome to our homestead. Let's share our journeys.

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Dicky Bird said...

I'm there. I often think of all the mistakes we made first starting out - you learn from you mistakes - but, if I could save others from making this will be a good source for those old homesteaders and new. You know, you could write a book as you are doing this posts...???