Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Humility Comes

     There is an amazing kind of tired that hits you after a great day of amazing accomplishment. We pulled it together, planned the work and worked the plan- dealt with changes and pulled through anyway. Today we built a large set of garden beds in record time with a handful of people. It was a great day. In the end of it all, what goes up must come down and a great day is no different.
     After the joy and amazement of a great day, humility comes when:
the sink is full of dishes
laundry is waiting to be folded
the printer fails
the donkey wails
tools and trailers need unloaded
and unhitched
as the final ounce of energy slips from your body
     It's true. I could use a little more time management- a bit more constructive planning. So, while the day was a success and the children enthusiastically anticipate planting seeds next week- chores are waiting for me. After every success, humility comes when we face the reality of daily drudge. 

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