Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let Me Show You

     We had a wonderful time planting the gardens- despite the drizzle and impending cool front. Students got downright filthy as seeds were planted. My soul was touched by the roughest young man ever so gently handling a transplant; not one leaf broken. Giggles abounded as the fragrance of herbs was discovered- yes, we had a great day. One student comment- usually you are the Go Lady; today you are the Grow Lady. Ah, melt my heart.
       The best part of the day- which may seem odd when you hear it- was a youngster with quite a surly and often uncooperative disposition. After our activities today he approached me at the edge of their garden with a smile and a comment- at first I thought you sucked, but now I am starting to like it when you are here.  Again, melt my heart. That is why I do what I do.
        That said, my point today is let me show you. Naysayers abound, especially where change is expected. Getting classes to implement 'new' or unfamiliar activities often meets with hesitation. A common concern often is lack of time/lack of student interest. This applies with parents as well. Many believe a child who has never had interest surely won't; let me show you.

Let me show you:
..a hyper child dig for worms
..a timid child take charge of a plant
...a disabled child find a way
...two who quarrel work together
...the most disinterested student join in
Let me show you it can be done.
         I have taught, hosted camps and mission trips, and led several projects over the years. Children are amazing and eager, but they have to have opportunity and we have to have a bit of trust. I could have done all the planting myself in 1/4 of the time with less mess and crazy; what would that gain? I could have given up and never got the activity scheduled; what would that show? I say, give me an opportunity, and I will show you how amazing a child can be; and sometimes we have to step outside of ourselves and let them show us. 
 Every step is important- even the smallest ones!

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