Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grow with the "Go Lady"

      It's true, my job comes with quite a lengthy title- Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Project Specialist for Texas Grow Eat Go. Answer the phone with that one. Then there is my last name- get a third grader to pronounce Scaife- I dare you. It will get some giggles. Needless to say, students in my project have affectionately dubbed me 'the Go Lady'. I'm good with that; it works for us.
      Today and tomorrow are super cool way awesome days for the Go Lady and her totally tripping team- we get to kneel down elbow to elbow in the gardens! It's grow time- my favorite! Students will set seeds in square foot garden format, discover the care and considerations for transplanting, and go over the requirements for maintaining a garden. How fun does that sound?
      I have to say- I would rather be in the garden (or the kitchen) with these amazing teachers and their classes than anywhere else. Office work is my nemesis; paperwork and politics drive me to absolute tears, but getting down to the nitty gritty- that's the stuff that keeps me sane.
      Take a cue from our tenacious team of energetic youngsters and their teachers- get out there and grow something wonderful!

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