Monday, October 21, 2013

Perspective...It's a mess, I Confess

     Oh the woes of how to get it all done. Let me just say- I don't. Tonight, the reality is, laundry resides on the couch (give me a little credit- it is clean and it is folded), dishes are in the sink, and- for goodness sake- the cob webs I spent hours removing are back with a vengeance! Such is a day in the life of a creative and way too busy woman.
      The good news is- it will get done. Not right now; maybe not tomorrow, but it will get done. For years our home ran on the premise- every day has it's work. Mondays were for laundry, Tuesday was for dusting and floors- you see how it goes. The past few years have found me in a bit of disarray with such routine. Instead, my days are more geared toward lesser lists- make the cheese, harvest the beans, write a report for the office. Fridays are my cleaning days (unless, of course, there are children to garden with).
       Needless to say, I'd rather be in the garden- or the barn- or the quilting room- or with some awesome students.. maybe testing a new recipe. Who wants to clean when there is so much amazing living to do?
       All joking aside, I need a kitty-gritty-get-down-and-dirty clean the house day. Any takers??


Dicky Bird said...

I know what you mean - I spent hours yesterday - just doing laundry. I had several baskets, clean, folded - in baskets in our bedroom. So, I had to refold, sort, put away. That lead to sorting socks, changing sheets, put on winter blankets.... Yesterday I did what I HAD to today I'm doing what I WANT to - clean out the garden.

Sarah Adams said...

When I'm having a can't /don't want to get it done day/ week I invite one of my cleany friends and her family for dinner :) gets me motivated!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Congrats on your productivity and creativity.
Maybe I need a 'cleany' friend.