Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Do You If You Don't

     My daily interactions with people often bring up the topic of employment; my recent employment, to be precise. Confusion tends to cross their face, often followed by the question: Why do you work with public schools when you don't attend them? Good question.
      As parents, our decision was to place our children in private education until a time when home schooling became our path. While we chose those routes for our convictions regarding curriculum and the need for flexibility with one of our children's medical schedule, it never negated our need to be aware and interested in the public school system.
      To clear a few things up. Public schools, whether we attend them or not, are still a huge influence over our families and our community. Students will interact, mingle, and become friends with our children through community activities, sports, and often worship. These families may not have shared my convictions about education, but their convictions regarding education will cross paths with my life.
       Then, 'once a teacher, always a teacher'. My home schooling journey is near an end with the last of our teens a junior in high school. Those years of experience have led into an avenue allowing me to share my passion and heart for education. Assisting teachers in implementing curriculums that largely share influences I used at home is an awesome privilege and joy.
        Finally, I do it for the kids. Face it, students and teachers face a great deal of red tape and social/cultural obstacles we didn't have when I was a student- even when I was a classroom teacher. My heart goes out to them as they cross through locked doors and guarded playgrounds to struggle to educate and learn. It's a battle and we all need to stick together.
         So, why do I work with the public school system- because I care. I care about the future generations being taught there. I care about the teachers who need every ounce of support they can get in a tough and often adversarial job. I care what happens to our community as these students grow up taking on authority and leadership roles that will affect my family in years to come.


Michelle said...

Good for you. We need more people that care the way you do.

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Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you for your encouragement! It makes the rough days so much easier to work through.