Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Homesteading 'Under the Weather"

     A homestead is a busy place; activity flourishes as crops and flocks thrive. Unfortunately, there are times we just want to snuggle into our nests for some rest and TLC. It seems this week I am homesteading under the weather as sinus pressure and a knee injury slow my daily activity. No matter the issue, homesteading stops for no one. Here are some of our plans of action for handling the workload when one of us is less than par.
     *Band together.
     With a house full of children, homestead chores were covered by those where well. Sometimes it took quite a bit of delegation to get it all done, but when we pulled together it ran quite well.
     *One thing at a time.
     Once children started moving away, there were less of us to pitch in. Sometimes the chores fell to only one person as the other was resting and recovering. The only way to get it done was one thing at a time.
     *Trudge through.
     These days, my husband and I trudge through whatever the situation. This week, we are definitely pulling along as we sniffle and drag our way through the stalls and down the halls.

      I think it's time for another cup of hot tea and maybe some elderberry as I snuggle on the couch and rest away until the 'weather' improves.

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