Sunday, December 1, 2013

Return to Routine

      After the holidays one  of the toughest things to do is return to the homestead routine. I never considered myself a 'routine oriented' individual, but it does seem more efficient and productive to keep things flowing in a timely and orderly manner. (I will admit, days of reading, fishing, hunting, and family gathering were sure nice!)
     One of the first and foremost routines to get back on track is the feed/milk schedule. Creatures take comfort in habit and tend to be calmer and more productive when they know food will come when the sun hits that certain place. Over the years, consistent milking routines have proven a better yield and smoother milking experience. Our current doe was on a twice a day schedule, but with cooler weather and a breeding season her production merited a 'one time a day' switch.
         The flock has been in molt much longer than I like. Getting them a bit of additional protein will help encourage production when winter days' forage is meager. A fresh bit of greens, some added calcium/mineral pans, and a little crumble in their feed ration should fuel them up.
           Most of the garden froze, leaving only the cold hardy crops not eaten by squirrels (they have been terrible this year). The herbs are surviving under frost covers while we work to improve our greenhouse space. Getting the garden back on track will mean pulling dead/frozen plants, removing irrigation, and preparing the soil for spring.

Before any routine returns to this homestead, plenty of coffee has to be served! 

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