Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am That Teacher...

     Bundled in two jackets; gloves on, hat on, scarf over face ... boots over two layers of socks. In the weird winter blast I crunch through the ice, in the dark, to snip fresh mint from my frozen garden. Why, you may ask? Because... I am that teacher.

The one with boxes and boxes of crazy made up games for any and every lesson she ever taught.

       Who collects unique leaves and has dead insects in jars...
                Who draws every poster herself because she can't find one that fits what she has in mind...
     The one that dresses in overalls and straw hats if necessary-- who has worn a pilgrim costume and native moccasins.

   I am the teacher who keeps a notebook beside her bed... wakes up with off the wall ideas that just might help the lesson stick.

        Who load and lugs tubs of everything under the sun just to teach one lesson.
                 The one constantly looking, thinking, planning and strategizing for the next thing.

         I am the teacher who prays for every single student that crosses my path; for every other teacher, administrator, and fellow educational vocation employee.. every morning of every school day. I am that teacher.. the one who loves what she does .. and loves those I spend my time with. So, despite the ice and cold, I picked fresh mint for tomorrow's lesson on using herbs in cooking just so they could see, smell, touch, taste and talk about the full experience of the lesson. I am THAT teacher.

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