Monday, January 27, 2014

Bracing for Another Round

    Once again we shut down the great state of Texas due to winter weather. Ice, sleet and bits of snow are forecast to hit the south. Can you believe it? It has been three years since our area had actual ice and snow; three years. Amazing.
     Needless to say, heat lamps glow in the stalls and coops while every plant has a winter blanket for protection. Pipes are wrapped and fire wood stand all in a cord outside the back door. While no mad rush to the market was needed, plenty of water is on hand in case of power outage.
     Tonight I put an extra blanket on the bed, some warm tea in my cup, and snuggle down with a good book. It's going to be a cold one; I'm ready... are you?


Dicky Bird said...

It has been terrible up here in Wisconsin too. They actually shut down all schools - like most of the state due to the cold. Spring - I know the promise is that it will come - not soon enough.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Our schools and county offices had to shut down as well. Looking forward to prettier days coming soon!