Monday, January 20, 2014

Test Run: Infused Soaps

     Recently I began the course to become a certified herbalist. While natural health has always been an interest, studying it intensely had never occurred to me. I find the properties of God's plants fascinating and quite intriguing. This time studying stirs the fire in my being to get out there and work the herb garden. Uncovering the herb garden this week, the fresh green beauty stirred a creative curiosity in me. I had to do a test run.
     It's no secret we have been making home made herbal soap for some time now; natural fats, lye and some wonderful essential oils. It occurred to me- why am I using essential oils when there are amazing herbs growing right outside my door? Enter the idea of infused soap. Natural oils steeped with fresh, vibrant herbs then transformed into nourishing soaps. I like it. Mint, pineapple sage, and tea tree each in their turn made their way to the soap mold- can I say- it amazes me how the coloration varies and changes as milk, lye and even time is introduced.
     Tonight my home is filled with natural fragrance and joyful anticipation- soaps are curing on the shelf! I can hardly wait for the day we test them in action. What's next? Well, the creativity didn't end with infusion- I am working some 'after the gym' care soap and a few interesting molds. All in all, a very creative sunshiny day.


Leigh said...

I can't help but be curious as to which herbalist program you're enrolled in. I so agree with what you're doing and what you say. If we believe that the Lord provided us with everything we need, then how can we not help but look to the medicinal properties of plants?

Dicky Bird said...

That's great.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Leigh, I am studying from The Herbal Academy of New England (online).