Monday, February 3, 2014

A Time for Refocus

    Stopped in my tracks; forced to halt all activity. My daily frenzy replaced by dark quiet- a migraine hit me, and it hit me hard. Sometimes this is needed- I know how strange that must seem, but it's true. The only thing that ever stops my nonstop pace is a devastating migraine. This weekend one did.
    I have come to recognize these times as occasions for refocusing my priorities and my habits; often those very things have gotten me to this point. Poor nutrition choices, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise and even failure to take 'down time' send me straight to bed- lights out, heat pad on, bucket nearby. Aside from the obvious detox that occurs with these migraines, there has developed a rhythm or pattern to my coping and recovery.
    1. Getting my mind to stop. I have tendency to have rapid fire thoughts- my to-do list, creative ideas, teaching techniques, even recipe ideas. When a migraine hits my first challenge is getting my mind to stop the never ending idea wheel.
    2.  Turning my eyes toward Jesus. Recognizing my spiritual state allows me to detox from self and lay it all down. Failures and faults are very real when you can't eat ice chips without a nasty result, but aside from that I have a need to remember that I am quite small in the grand scheme of things. Others are in need, suffering, sick and grieving- herein is my time to pray for them. My darkest hour cannot compare to some.
    3.  Embrace the quiet. Dark quiet allows for deep, meditative breathing. In the quiet I can listen patiently for His voice- refocusing me in my choices, habits, and priorities. Stress leaves the body as every fiber of my being relaxes. As soon as I am able, a detox bath of Himalayan pink salt, Epsom salt and sodium bicarbonate allow me hydration and further relaxation.
    4.   Reconnect. Strolling through my herbal garden offers reconnection to my Creator, the Earth He gave me, and the beautiful hands that helped build this wonderful spot. Sitting with my family sharing quiet nourishment reconnects us as we face the reality we are weak and must take rest.

    While a migraine is unpleasant and never welcome, they are part of my life. This time to refocus my life has become a way of working through the process of recovery and strive to lengthen the distance between this one and the next.

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Keli Martin said...

Michele, I am so sorry to hear about your struggle with migraines! I will pray for you! If you are interested in trying it, I have an organic, herbal, migraine tincture that I sell that may help bring some blessed relief. No worries if you don't but thought it may help bring some healing. Keep your eyes on Jesus, He will bring you peace!