Wednesday, February 12, 2014


   Hens sit guarding their nest while goats paw the ground; trees wait anxiously to unfurl fresh greenery- all in anticipation of spring. This winter has been quite unusual for us with several hard freezes and long strings of days holding frigid temperatures. Each day we wait, eyes to the skies, searching out coveted rays of sunlight that might warm the air.

    The garden holds cold weather crops eager for that last burst of growth before harvest. Tiny seedlings hide beneath row covers and within the shelter of the greenhouse. Soil holds it's breath eager to nurture hearty crops; the compost is ready for side dressing. Oh where is spring?
     Brooders sit empty just waiting for spring arrivals. Meat birds are set to arrive first followed by turkeys and some water fowl. As I ready feeders and lights Doc looms near the door- he loves greeting new arrivals. In his eagerness he mutters all manner of strange donkey utterings, bucking and frisking with anticipation of new things in spring.
    As for me, here I sit with coffee in hand piecing quilt blocks near the window. Spring will find all manner of new growth on the homestead: crops in the gardens, fruit on the trees, chicks and goats and maybe some bees. But there is another arrival we anticipate for spring- one that every living thing is eager to greet, slobber on and love....
...the arrival of the first grandbaby!
So here we sit, holding our breathe, in anticipation of spring.