Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Lost My Camera

    Really?!? Yes, really. For two days I have been searching, seeking, digging and unearthing every inch of everywhere in an attempt to locate the missing item.. but, to no avail. How on earth do I survive without my camera? Baby showers, garden plantings, new spring arrivals, and all the glories of spring unveiling themselves.. what will I do?
    The answer: I have no idea. New items and I don't rush toward each other- I like my stuff. I don't like having to replace my stuff (ask me how old my cell phone is- on second thought, better not). Here in begins the dilemma. The arduous task of talking myself into a new one. The realization using a new one will require learning it's quirks. Biting the bullet and forking out the money for a new item I shouldn't need to replace except for the fact I lost it. Uhg.. I struggle.
    Better sip some coffee and think on it. Better yet, I should work out my aggravation in the garden!


Dicky Bird said...

That is the same reason I don't like to get new stuff...I like my old stuff cuz I know how to use it. :) Good luck!

Lisa Coon said...

I HATE losing things. I'm still down my mother's good scissors. And my key to the van. One option, if you loved that particular camera is to look for one like it on ebay. They have nearly everything on ebay. Sadly, probably not my van key and hopefully not my mother's scissors.

Simply Scaife Family said...

I am glad to hear I'm not the only one! Lisa, it wasn't a very good camera.. just the thought of buying a new one that kills me. I may just have to look on ebay though:)

Lisa Coon said...

One of the more silly things I lost was a bottle of spearmint essential oil. How does one lose something like that? So I get a new bottle. As I'm scouring the kitchen looking for some chicken buillon, I find the spearmint essential oil. Now I have two bottles. And after I bought some new chicken buillon, I found the old jar in the fridge while looking for something else.