Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pinned It, Nailed It, Made it Our Own

    So, my pregnant daughter is staying with me right now. That said, some serious cooking has been going on in this house.. serious cooking. Recent cravings led us to cruise Pinterest for some tasty copy cat recipes. Oh the things we found there, one of which was this recipe for a chicken and gnocci soup. You see, she once worked for a particular Italian restaurant and a particular soup was her favorite 'at work' meal. Time to stretch my cooking skills.
    Never in my kitchen do we ever use large amounts of butter, cream, or half and half.. and gnocci.. never, ever made it before, however, duty calls. After a necessary trip to town (after a now routine doctor visit) our little kitchen became a 'test kitchen' for food never seen before. Much chopping, sautéing, and whisking.. a little tearing up - onions were to blame, along with some rowdy giggles- before a beautiful aroma bubbled up from the bowl.
     Oh my goodness- fresh carrots, spinach, and herbs from the garden paired with a home grown oven-roasted chicken to produce a creamy, savory, and oh-so-easy-to-overeat bowl of shameful yumminess. It is terrible (how many bowls we ate)... just terrible. Well, there was one voice of dismay.. farm boy was less than impressed with our frivolity (but that didn't stop him from eating a hearty helping of it).
      Before I go, let me say... I just can't leave well enough alone. Once tasted, I tweaked it a bit to fit my flavor. The recipe seriously lacked salt, so a well rounded dose of natural salt was added along with a reckless amount of red pepper flakes; next time I will pile a bit more garlic in as well.
      And so it goes.. that we say.. we pinned it.. we nailed it... and we made it our own!

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