Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Great Disconnect

    More and more I see it; all around me, in the eyes of others: a great disconnect. Separation from reality, from culture, from the very foundation of our being. We have become a people lost and no longer searching- disconnected...
      ...from our food.. where it comes from.. the labor it takes to grow a tomato.. or can fresh beans..
          ....from our families... parents from children.. from grandchildren.. from a sense of home..
                ....from our culture.. who we are.. where we came from... what they strove for..
                       ...from reality.. pain, truth, action/reaction... choice and consequence..
                           .. and for what? why? there is no sense to it
      In my daily wonderings I become more and more aware of this vast divide.. but also for the lack of willingness to change it. Set in our ways, comfortable with our lot... we settle and we shake our heads. They are unwilling, so why shouldn't I be. complacent and content, we go about as if we have not seen.. as if unaware.
       I will not be complacent.. not disconnected, because in the disconnect I see hope. There are some eager and willing.. interested in restoring and returning. In there eyes a spark that opens the door to reeducating and redirecting. Every one that crosses our path teaches us and learns from us. Why do I do what I do? Why do I live the way I live? Because I can.. I want to.. and I am willing to share it with others who are interested.
        With each seeds I plant, each tender plant I care for I am painfully aware of many who will never experience the satisfaction.. the patience it takes to harvest a bean from the seed you planted.. or can a tomato you cared for from the beginning. That knowledge pushes me forward to teach those willing to learn and eager to discover. Some will scoff.. some will give up.. but some.. not many, but some.. will start the process.. take the step.. and stop the great disconnect. 


Dicky Bird said...

Food for thought! Good post.

Lynn said...

Thank you for those thoughts. I see it too. I pray about it, search Christ about it and am guilty of it. It is always much easier to hide than face the absolute truth about who I am, who I could be and the space in between. It is only through The Eyes of a God who absolutely loves me that I can be anything at all. thank you for reminding me of this.