Thursday, March 20, 2014

Waiting to Grow

The daffodils and buttercups opened their beautiful blossoms as the warm spring sun found it's way to us. What simple beauty and delicate charm can be found in such things. It causes me to imagine and dream of all those things just waiting to grow.

Spring Poems for Kids - Children's Spring PoetryWaiting to Grow

by Frank French
Little white snowdrop just waking up,
Violet, daisy, and sweet buttercup,
Think of the flowers that are under the snow,
Waiting to grow!
And think what a number of queer little seeds,
Of flowers and mosses, of ferns and of weeds,
Are under the leaves and under the snow,
Waiting to grow!
Think of the roots getting ready to sprout,
Reaching their slender brown fingers about,
Under the ice and the leaves and the snow,
Waiting to grow!
No seed is so small, or hidden so well,
That God cannot find it; and soon he will tell
His sun where to shine, and His rain where to go,
Making it grow!

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