Monday, April 21, 2014


     Events these past several days drive me to the need for distractions; activities to pull my mind, body, and soul from dark and haunting places. The need to distract brought me to experiment with strip piecing- something I have never done before. While I admit, reading the lengthy directions for the strip method drove me to a catatonic state, eventually the blurred lines came together formulating a plan.
     Earthy tones spatter the blocks of a seriously simple quilt design- and simple.. I need right now. As the pieces come together, my mind is drawn to another recent place of distraction- my garden. Warmer days cause me to pull away the brown leafy winter cover; the dark colors of the quilt. There in, the beauty of new life is found popping up; the muddled blocks. Along the path, crocus blooms where roses are starting to bud; leafy greens and pretty blues. White snow drops are long gone, but the berry bush blooms burst stately against the rest of the landscape; white blocks scattered about.
     With the small quilt top complete, I ponder the quilting needed- a scattered wildflower, maybe, to remind me of sweet little wildflower weeds that dot my garden rows (many of which I left in place just because their perseverance). Sitting here tonight, I gaze at it realizing it was something I needed and something I have been missing; creative outlet. Among the work, the worry, the tears and the grief I seem to have lost my wonder.. my outlook of amazement... my creative chaos... and I miss it.
       In years to come may I look back at this small bit of fabric and recall the strife, the struggle, and the deep darkness in my soul that brought me to this fabric at this time in this way- may it cause me to smile. God has brought me to it. He will bring me through it. He has pointed me in a right direction and is leading me as I go. Thank God for distractions!

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Michelle said...

I have found that creating can some times sooth the soul.