Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Arrivals- Oh the Joy!

Nothing revives the soul at the end of a long day like watching the new arrivals flutter and dart around the brooder pen. A dozen geese and ten kaki Campbell ducks arrived this afternoon. Moments into their arrival they were already quite busy muddying up the water fountains and annihilating the feed trays.
It has been several years since we attempted water foul here on our homestead- they tend to fly away and never be seen again. Their presence was go greatly missed, we decided to give it another go. With chicks arriving quite often these days, our presence at the post office has become quite a familiar sight. The farm boy was teased a bit when he mentioned my name- oh, the chicken lady- they giggled. He took it well and, of course, passed it on to me.
Tonight the brooder box is on, water fresh, feed full, greenery and wood all about the run- little water babies are tucked in for bed. I can hardly wait until morning comes- who doesn't love watching these littles play?


Michelle said...

I will receive my meat chicken on May 2. I can't wait till they get here.

Dicky Bird said...

I love baby ducks - but ours never wanted to stay home either. We plan to do chickens (meat) ones later this year. Have fun with the babies.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Our meat birds are about a month old and progressing nicely- good luck with yours!
Hopefully this breed of duck will live up to the reports and be more likely to stay home. We shall see!