Monday, May 19, 2014

Update: Where Have We Been?

     The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy, not bad, just crazy! Blame it on the calendar that is absolutely booked with data collection, healthy cooking demonstrations, unplugged family activities, and a master specialist training (oh yeah, now I am 'certified'). In the midst of so much coming a going, the crazy was not only work related, but the homestead is busting with activity as well. 
        This sweet guy joined our homestead family! Maximus (Max) is a Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard mix; sweet as can be and oh so playful. He spends his day napping, checking the back door, and shadowing each of us as he learns his place on the homestead.

          Babies! Oh yes, babies, babies, babies are popping out like daisies these days. We have Nubian, Nigerian, and Boar little-s. There are goat babies in every stall, running around every play-scape, and bawling for love from every gate. Not only do we have goat babies, but turkey babies, chicken babies, goose and duck babies- like I said babies everywhere! 
                Gardens are graciously coming along despite my shameful neglect. Every evening I struggle to catch up weeding and chores- what a struggle it is! Despite my pitiful efforts, we have beautiful fresh greens, the first showing of green beans and tomatoes, as well as squash and cucumber blossoms. Strawberries, dew berries, spring lettuce and peas are pretty well done for- but I see green blackberries, white elderberry blossoms and the tiny Jujube blooms. Roses in the herbal garden were astounding this year and the herbs are bushing out beautifully. We may eat well after all.
                  The next few days are hectic, and so many changes may be coming (it's exciting, yet a bit un-nerving!). Hopefully time will come at the end of day to sit here and share; I do miss it and so many posts are swirling around my head. We will see where we go and how it all works:)

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Dicky Bird said...

I miss all the babies - but, I love spring on the homestead.