Sunday, June 29, 2014

Do You Really Cook Like That?

cooking utensils photo: those are cooking utensils DSC_0041.jpg

     It's a question I get quite a bit. The truth is, I do. And I eat like that, too. Working in nutritional education is a challenge; one that I love and am blessed to do. Working with children and teens gives me a blank slate to draw on, as most students I encounter have not yet been exposed to basic kitchen skills and food responsibilities. Every once in a while I stretch beyond my happy place to work among the adults, often finding they are wonderful, too- just a little scarier to me:)
     So, to answer the question: Yes, I cook.. from scratch, with fresh or frozen ingredients.. lots of seasoning.. natural oils.. variety of color... and with enthusiasm, creativity and a little crazy fun. I get my hands in it.. make a mess... touch, smell, see and taste. Yes, I hold my knife like that.. and in a comfortable position.. on the table not the counter because I am too short. Of course I cook with my kids.. from birth up.. in the carrier, the high chair, and even on the bench or kiddie table (so they could reach too).
       The Go Kids.. yes, they cook.. they eat.. they grow food.. they think I am funny and weird. They absolutely can tell you a hundred ways to alter a dish and most of the nutrients in the food they eat. Did they always appreciate it? Love it? No. They were normal kids, but as young adults now- they are glad they endured my insanity.
       Mr. Go? Oh my goodness. He loves me.. suffers through my experiments.. tolerates spinach and broccoli.. deals with my practice nutrition talks. He loves his 'whoa' foods (those carbonated beverage cans in my expo are not mine!).. he works out with me.. and with me.. and has no clue which is a plant and which is a weed (nope, gardening not his thing). At the end of the day, he really is a healthy guy who gets a pretty proud look when he hears all the stories about my young go-chefs.
        And there you have it.. my cred.. it's true, I really do cook like that! Don't you want to come join me?



Michelle said...

Sounds like were a lot a like in the cooking department. I make as much from scratch as I can. I am learning to butcher meat bird and a pig this years. I also have three garden spots that supply all our veggies. This year I also hope to start making cheese.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Excellent! It's wonderful to find a fellow 'from scratch' cook learning new things and enjoying the process. Keep it up- and let me encourage you- try the cheese making- it's wonderful!