Monday, June 23, 2014

Go, Go Lady

Tomatoes and Cilantro
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   Summer sinus junk; is there anything worse? Heat and humidity wreak havoc on nasal pressure and dripping. One doctor visit (I never visit the doctor), two shots and two prescriptions later I found myself knocked over and out of commission. Not good. After a weekend of this, my emotions and my inner timid soul surfaced.
    Monday morning brought with it a rebound of sinus headache and a list of things this week would demand. Face it- things don't stop just because we feel miserable. In it came the questioning; the small voice in my head that stirs fear and doubt. Why are you doing this? Is it worth it? Aren't you neglecting other things? Once she starts, she doesn't quiet easily.
     A deep breath; a teary sigh- I shared my fretful thoughts with Mr. Go. He shook his head and smiled; those blue eyes hinting a smile he always hides when we have this conversation. Go, Go Lady. Share the crazy and the creativity. With a nod and a hug I went on to work. It was going to take more than that to quiet the questions.
     God knows our needs even before we do. In the midst of a meeting He assured me in the one and only very way that works every time and never fails. A message came from a counselor we are working with. Some of her campers returned to summer camp today sharing stories of how they went home this weekend and cooked our recipes for their families. Imagine trying to contain the happy dance while sitting in a leadership meeting!
      There in my office he called me- Mr. Go heard the incredible news and once again reminded me, Go, Go Lady. Share the crazy and the creativity. I believe I shall!

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