Sunday, June 15, 2014

We Are All Sandpaper to Someone

     Sandpaper: coarse and abrasive, causing irritation- quite an unpleasant substance to encounter. I am sure every one can bring to mind a person or personality that tends to meet the 'sandpaper' description; a person we cringe at the notion of. This often starts a cycle of irritation that spreads to our other working relationships, our social realm, and then into our homes. In a moment of utter desperation I cried till I couldn't cry anymore. Therein I came to a very big realization... we are all sandpaper to someone.
      Every personality has a complementing personality, as well as an opposing personality. There are some we are indifferent to, some we really blend with and others that just plain cause us to consider violence. I have encountered many different personalities over the years- and let me tell you, some are down right hard for me to work with. I have really had to dig deep and work at making it through a day. On a long ride home during a deep conversation with the Lord several things hit me.

      1. Realization. I realized that while a certain person may be driving me to the point of insanity, there is also, most likely, someone I am driving to the point of insanity as well. It might even be the same person I am fretting about.
      2. Understanding. When the truth hits, and it hits hard, I come to a new understanding of how it feels to be the other person. Being the sandpaper is no better- in fact, it hurts to realize it.
      3. New perspective. It's time to look through another's eyes at myself and at what is really the issue, both with the irritation I am feeling, and the irritation I may be causing. That shakes the soul a little, let me tell you.
      4. Consider. Weighing the long run to see how to proceed- on both sides of the issues. Is this a person I can avoid, or someone I will encounter every day? Whether I am the irritant or the one irritated, is avoiding an option.. or limiting encounters. Sometimes you just have to go to the other person and spit it out. Admit it, own it, and make it right as much as you can from here.

      This past week found me irritated and very frustrated trying to find the place and the pace with summer schedules, volunteers, co-workers and such. There were abrasive personalities that were irritating me, and I was a rather nasty irritant myself. Sometimes there are circumstances causing the issues that are temporary, but sometimes there are issues that are going to take some work on both sides. I have both to work through, not only last week, but off and on throughout the day everyday- it's just a reality.
        My point is not to rant or rag on anyone. It is to say, I need to be mindful of my own shortcomings.. admit them, own up to them, and make it better as much as is in my power to do so (there are times when you just can't make it right). Like me, please take time to consider the conflicts and irritations surrounding you; pray, ponder, and plan in order to better the situation around you and those you love!


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Lisa Coon said...

The uncomfortable thing I've found is the people I tend not to get along with, on honest reflection, tend to be a lot like me.