Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yes, I am Alive....

     Can you believe it has been almost a whole month since we last met? Time has flown these past several weeks as a flurry of activity and change has come across our homestead.
     This spring's babies were weaned. Some have found new homes, while others still wait. We are downsizing our herd after the kidding season in hopes of another one next spring.

     The garden. Please. I don't even want to talk about it. Summer hit it hard (as did a few ornery chickens). After the last heat wave we decided to till it under and call it a day. Currently we are in the process of building raised beds in hopes of simplifying the process. One can dream.
      Instead of fretting over dead tomatoes, we spent plenty of time fishing, kayaking, and hiking the local state parks and national forests; perfect diversion from my brown dried up mess.
     Summer camp has drawn to a close. Hundreds of children of various ages cooked, played, and gardened their way through the long hot summer- stopping only to have some wonderful field trips and an awesome splash day.
      With camp closing we find ourselves focused on school starting. My oldest, a senior, will be testing his wit as a duel credit student at the local college while I prepare for a huge season of nutritional education with local schools and after school students. This past week we have focused on trainings, schedules, and building or amending gardens. It is hard to believe how wonderfully the program has grown over the past year.
       Little things here and there have become big things. Our lives change a little more everyday- not at all getting easier, but definitely getting more interesting. My parents are with us now; a grand baby is getting to spend some time with us; and a few spread their wings a little further.
        Hopefully routine will find me once again stopping in to visit with you. I miss our little coffee chats here on my corner of the web. 


Joyce said...

Happy to have you check in. Been missing you. Happy trails, blessings to you, dear friend.:-)

Dolly Sarrio said...

You've been missed!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Oh my, I have missed being here! Good to hear from you ladies:)