Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Things a Sick Little Reminded Me

In case you hadn't guessed, a little one now lives here on the homestead- our grandbaby and her mamma. Recently the poor thing suffered a nasty case of sinus and ear infections; keeping us up several nights on end.
I have learned ten things during this experience:
1. You never forget how to bounce, rock and walk.
2. Babies can function on amazingly little sleep.
3. Adults can not.
4. You can, surprisingly, make it through a day and have no idea how you managed.
5. Coffee is vital.
6. Men can cook; it may be scrambled eggs, but they can cook.
7. Laundry is like mint- it will take over.
8. Recliners should come with every crib.
9. Protective dogs will tear up a screen door when 'their' baby cries.
10. This too shall pass.
I find it funny that all these things were true back when my babies were babies- and they are still holding strong now that there is a grandbaby in the picture.
Here's to coffee and Tiger Balm.
I thing my back has a kink in it.

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Lisa Coon said...

So true about the recliners. We got ours within 2 weeks of our son being born. You know how some kids have flat heads because they sleep on their back? You're supposed to be sure to turn their head to prevent this. Some kids have to wear helmets to correct the flat head. We didn't have to worry about that. Why? Because our son was SUPER fussy and, seriously, no lie, I do not exaggerate, we held him for the first six weeks. The ENTIRE time. I was so ready to go back to work once the six weeks was up. And that's why he's an only child.