Monday, September 22, 2014

Through Eyes of Wonder

     Today the little and I found ourselves wandering the homestead in search of wonder. Isn't it amazing how children see things; how their eyes light up; their face fills with awe? They are absolutely fascinated by the simplest of things- things we take for granted every day. Things like the venation of a leaf, the softness of a goat's ear, the buzz of a bee. I absolutely love to watch her watching things.
     Generally we visit each pasture, taking time to rub a nose, toss a handful of feed, or tug an ear.. but lately, as she is growing and striving to explore more, our time outside has grown as well. Today there was the simple joy of just gazing through the tree canopy and smiling at the clouds passing through. There was sitting on a log giggling as chickens pecked and clucked at our feet. We fed the goose and laughed at the way the ducks waddle.
      We extended our walk into the gardens to gaze at flowers and touch the green kumquats growing on the tree. Her enthusiasm for nature at such a young age thrills me- she seems to absorb everything she finds. Of course, Ben (our Pyrenees), was ever close to keep an eye on her well being for he has bonded to our little and made her his own.
      The time outside ended the same way it always does- a visit to our swing. There we relax and breathe deep the many wonders we have seen. It reminds me of why I do what I do- to open the eyes of wonder in others that our modern lives seems to have shut. Tonight I ponder and reminisce this wondrous thing and keep it close to my heart.