Monday, September 8, 2014

A Whole Lot of Building Going On


        These past few weeks have been a flurry of garden builds and upgrades, all with hopes and dreams of beautiful growing glory. In our area, four schools have either built a set of garden beds, added a new bed to their existing garden, and amended their old beds. A community recreation center also had us build some beds on their grounds. That is a lot of building!
        Community and school beds are build with funding from grants in order to further nutrition education not only with children but adults as well. These gardens are utilized during class time, after school, and hopefully during mobile cooking school classes as well. My heart longs to see families return to a knowledge of their food origins and get back in touch with the nature around them.

           Lest you think public beds are all I am working on, there are some garden beds being built right here on the homestead. Several years ago I had raised beds constructed from various materials. When they succumbed to the elements, I simply returned to my roots and gardened in rows. My current need to simplify routines and make life as weed free and easy as possible have brought me back to the raised bed test- currently there are four with more to come.

          Along with building there must be a tearing down- or a cleaning out. On the list: the fruit and the herb garden- both in need of a major overhaul! and the green house- needing some TLC and a good clean up. Now that the beds are built both at work and home, maybe I will find some time to get on those tasks- it might take me a while!

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Dicky Bird said...

Nice to see that others are interested in the gardens - lots of work with lots of benefits.